Dr. Arik Kahane

Director of Gynecology, Infertility and IVF Unit

Assuta Hospital

Rishon Lezione



.DR ARIK KAHANE is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology since 1988

.Dr. KAHANE sub specialty is INFERTILITY and IVF treatment

Currently he is the director  of  the gynecology ,infertility and IVF unit of Assuta hospital, Rishon Lezione.one of largest infertility and IVF units in Israel, running more than 6000 IVF cycles a year, with pregnancy rates among the highest in the country

:Dr KAHANE is doing all the work up and  investigation of the infertile couple including

Laboratory tests –

Ultrasound –

Hysteroscopy – diagnostic and operative –

Laparoscopy – diagnostic and operative –

Male investigation –

The IVF unit of ASSUTA – RISHON is one of the biggest units in ISRAEL, with more than 6000 cycles every year. with a very high success rate

.The unit has the newest and most modern equipment

.The laboratory staff includes some of the most experienced embryologist in Israel

:The unit is using advanced technologies such as

.Micromanipulation (injection of the egg with a single sperm cell)

Assisted hatching (making windows in the capsule of the embryo to facilitate implantation. Freezing of sperm, eggs and embryos

.Sperm aspiration directly from the testicles in cases of severs male infertility

Sperm donation –

.Egg donation –

.PGD –

Dr. KAHANE is doing pregnancy follow up including amniocentesis, as well as other gynecology surgery

:Dr. KAHANE is a member of

The Israeli society of obstetrics and gynecology –

The Israeli society of infertility –

The Israeli society of menopause –

ASRM – American society of reproductive medicine –

ESHRE – European society of human reproductive medicine –

.IMS   – International menopause society –

 Practice Specialization

Investigation and evaluation of the infertile couple

Induction of ovulation

IUI-intrauterine insemination

,IVF- including micromanipulation

IVM- in vitro maturation for women with high risk for  hyperstimulation

IVF- in natural cycles

Sperm donation

Egg donation

Egg freezing for fertility conservation





:Contact information



office : 972-(0)3-97643440

fax: 972-(0)3-97643443

Professional memberships

ASRM- American Society of  Reproductive Medicine

ESHRE- European  Society of  Human Reproductive Endocrinology

IMS- International Menopause Society

The Israeli Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Israeli Society of Reproductive and Infertility Research

The Israeli Society of Menopause

The Israeli Society of Adolescent Gynecology

The Israeli Society of Ultrasound